Welcome to The Baskerville Files website

Welcome to The Baskerville Files website


Dear friends: in my numerous journeys around the world in 80 days, I have managed to capture the most espectacular specimens of every culture I may had an encounter with. This means that now, after 43 years of struggling worldwide, I have succeded to live in a huge manor surrounded by wonders everywhere. This keeps me busy treasuring them and dancing and jumping wildly while I enjoy being an eccentric millionaire that now refuses to leave his house because I am so happy here that I have decided to stay home as a ghost when I pass away killed by the unestopablest criminal ever: TIME. Why to stay here as a ghost, you may ask, my dear fellow. Well, lets say that THIS IS HEAVEN TO ME.


The Reichenbach Falls are not placed in Switzerland,  they actually are in the stairs of my home in Spain. Sherlock and Moriarty are suspended in time. I confess that being suspended in time with Olivia Newton John appeals more to me but I had to say no to her  because I am a Sherlockian. Maybe you can think that I am an asshole but, if so, I am a Sherlocked asshole. 

Are you into Star Wars? I wish that they could be real size but, if you stand in your knees, things change. Dath Vader talks whenever someone pass near him and R2 moves and flash several lights with noises (sometimes, if I am around, it even farts!!!). I wish that I could send Darth to collect the money that some motherfuckers owe me. Trick or treat? Always trick, you bastards. 

A lead Collection of the Sherlock Holmes characters. Almost everyone is there. LOVELY!!!

If you ever go to The Sherlock Holmes museum and you end up with a plastic bag, now you know what to do with it.

Watch where you step or you will fall!!! If the werewolf poster would speak... well, if the werewolf poster would speak I would faint over and over again!!!

Somebody sold me this phone to call to "the other side". It does not work but at least is BEAUTIFUL. It receives phone calls from the dead but I never ask, just in case they want to sell me things... "I have everything"...

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